John Hester

Amazeballs programmer! He's totes legit, and exemplifies the artistry involved in writing code. Not to mention his zen-like ability to patiently work with beatniks.

Check out his prior work:
"Broken Lines" from Google Play or iTunes.

Seda Lyons

Executive Producer and visionary mastermind responsible for dreaming up and sustaining this entire Blind Albino endeavor. And best kitty momma ever.

Matt Woods

Art Director and self-described company lunatic.

View his personal website experiment at your own risk. Parental guidance suggested due to (im)mature content:


Partners + Friends

These fine folks and entrepreneurial entities have helped us immensely as we forge our way.


Synthetik Software

There's a wonderful piece of software called Studio Artist that we use on a regular basis. They've been very supportive, and we cannot recommend Studio Artist strongly enough.

Link to Studio Artist.
Link to Matt's Studio Artist examples.










"Spectres: Ghosts of Revolution"

My beloved friend and skater-in-crime from years past, Jim Miner has supplied the climactic song for our upcoming stop-motion game, as yet an untitled project. This album explodes!!!

Link to the Spectres album.



Alex ZEN Gilliam: Voice Over Artist

Over the years, we've loved hearing his impossibly-smooth voice remind us to "Keep calm and respawn" when playing console games online. Now we've transitioned that co-op spirit into a professional collaboration. Just WAIT until you hear this man's voice!

Link to a demo coming soon...



My long time friend and vastly talented fellow artist Jesse Hayes has been making some beautiful music. So naturally I volunteered to exploit his fine efforts, using the demo Alone With You to bring life to the end credits for our game.

Link to the song by Montélimar.


Derek + Andrew

These two friends and talented musicians worked tirelessly together on a fantastic soundtrack for our upcoming stop motion game. Derek Macelli and Andrew Au both put their souls into these unique and diverse music loops, and they have my deepest gratitude.

Link to their info coming soon...