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What + Why?

Everybody has a voice, and we here at Blind Albino wanted to add ours to the conversation. We formed our current team back in 2016 with the outrageous dream of giving back to the art, app, and gaming communities that have inspired us so deeply over the years. Our core philosophy is simple: the distinction between Art and Science doesn't exist for us here, and creativity is our primary concern, both on the surface, and under the hood. Enjoy!


Unique Projects


We love what we do.

We put our all into every project, working tirelessly to explore that space between originality and popular demand. We want our products to feel both fresh and familiar, and our best hope is to create something you'll remember with a smile.


Unique Team


Our Team Rules.

The common thread for the team here at BA is an undeniable passion for building the best, most original products we can collectively dream up. Everybody has an equal voice, and everyone has a seat at the table. No timecards, no whip cracking. Just a collection of talented professionals who look forward to being challenged and made better by our peers.